What is Frozen Yogurt?

What is Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is a dessert similar to ice cream, but lower in fat. It is typically made with yogurt made from milk, but non-dairy versions are also available.
The yogurt may be sweet or sour, and may or may not contain the live bacteria cultures present in regular yogurt. Like ice cream,
it can be made in nearly any flavor imaginable, and although it's often
sold as soft serve, it can also be purchased in cartons.


Ice cream and frozen yogurt are made in the same way, with the ingredients mixed together and then churned at a very low temperature until they freeze. In addition to yogurt, most recipes include gelatin, some sort of sweetener, and additional flavors and colors.
It's also possible to make this dessert fat free and sugar free, depending on the recipe.

These machines are designed to take a mixture and create frozen yogurt
quickly so it can be served.

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Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt

A very visible piece of frozen yogurt equipment in some shops is a soft-serve frozen yogurt dispenser. This is a machine that holds frozen yogurt at the correct temperature and provides nozzles to allow it to be dispensed. Most models have a paddle inside that keeps mixing the yogurt so it remains soft and aerated.

These machines can come with several features, including different patterns that can be made when the frozen yogurt is poured, multiple nozzles so the machine can hold multiple flavors, and digital control panels
that allow the temperature and other options to be set exactly.

Self-serve versions of these machines also exist.
They offer features such as a cut-off after a certain amount of yogurt has been dispensed and modular parts for easy cleaning. Some versions of the machines come with spaces that can be branded with images that relate to the store in which it is located.

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What Is Frozen Yogurt Mix?

Frozen yogurt mix is a product used by restaurants and other manufacturers to store the core ingredients of frozen yogurt for extended periods of time.
The frozen yogurt mix itself comes in a liquid form and a powdered form. Both types yield the same results, though with slightly different properties.

The mixes are specially processed to be shelf stable and
are reconstituted when needed for use. There are a variety of flavors and attributes that provide a wide selection of mixes for those requiring them.

Frozen yogurt is a tart, ice-cream like food.
When made fresh, it has a very limited shelf life. The use of a frozen yogurt mix allows a business to keep a supply of consistent-quality frozen yogurt on the premises without the need to mix and freeze a new batch from scratch each time more is needed.

A liquid frozen yogurt mix is concentrated, flavored yogurt that has
been pasteurized and frozen.
It is intended to be added to a frozen yogurt base.
The liquid is usually flavored with anything from vanilla to fruits. The liquid mix does not have as long of a shelf life as the powdered mix, but the texture it provides is very smooth and creamy.

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What Are the Different Types of Frozen Yogurt Flavors?

Frozen yogurt comes in many types. It can be a soft serve treat doled out at a food establishment, a packaged product in the grocery store ice cream aisle, or a simple container of yogurt that has been frozen. When frozen yogurt comes in the form of a frozen container of pure yogurt, it can be any flavor at the store.

The most common frozen yogurt flavors found in restaurants are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In frozen yogurt shops, flavors vary as widely as the imagination of the person who designed the yogurt flavors.

Generally, frozen yogurt flavors are more daring and varied than those normally found in ice cream. This makes frozen yogurt flavors not commonly found in ice creams an everyday find at frozen yogurt stores. Surprising, but common flavors carried by frozen yogurt shops include fruit flavors like taro, guava, and lychee, plus creamy dessert flavors like gingerbread, cheesecake, and cookies and cream.

Some popular combinations are peach blueberry, chocolate blueberry, and even lavender blueberry ice cream. Blueberry yogurt ice cream is also a favorite with many cooks. When serving the ice cream, cooks may garnish it with a sprig of mint.

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Yogurt lovers seeking to satisfy a unique flavor craving can also opt for a frozen treat flavored like cookie dough, cake batter, or red bean paste. Many frozen yogurt shops are self-serve style, allowing the patrons to mix and match their preferred flavors. This can sometimes produce some interesting and unexpected tastes when the contrasting flavors melt together a frozen yogurt soup at the bottom of the serving cup.

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