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Semi automatic machine are used for baking ice cream cones, sugar cone land cups.
One die-unit  can bake and product only one type of cone/cup.
These machine is easy to operation, and are a robust production.
It can  be easily be operated by any unskilled operators by performing a few simple tasks.
We can base on the client 's cone shape, logo and size to made it . we care welcome OEM.
You can order one machine with different shape of mould .
The upper and lower moulds are interchangeable.
In two/three hours you can change the entire unit
and start to produce with another type of cone.
The heating is by electrical heaters designed to optimize energy use and thermal distribution.
It is flexible enough for high production on nonstop basis for 24hours.
Durable innoxious cone of moulds as per sanitation standard which is made in aluminium.
Base on the cone of shape to adjust Temperature and set timing to control cone shape and the hardness.
Main Power: 220V 50Hz
Hourly Output: 150-160 pcs.
Time to Finisch one Batch: 1-1.5 Min.
Dimension: 450x450x650
1.Easy Operation
2.Advanced heating element brings gratifying heating impact
3.Durable innoxious cone mould as per sanitation standard
4.Temperature adjustable
5.Easy operation with one touch swift
6.High-efficient heating element ensures ideal production ability.
7.Different types of moulds according to your choice.
8.A relay unit controls timing.

9.One year guarantee

$1,460.00 inc. tax

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info 5 product stars
"Ich mechte daten auch von sofft-eis mascine BQL640T und BQL750 .. mascine werden in Montenegro gelifert." Bojkovic - 2/28/2013

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