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Technical Parameters of Instant Vending Coffee Machine
It can use instant powder,coffee and tea,etc.
You can adjust the flavor through digital.
Dimensions:300(W)* 580(D)*630(H)mm
Menu Options:at most 7 selections,
3 cold drinks and 3 hot drinks,and drinking water
Capacity of Raw Material: 3 buckets,the
max is 2800g and the mini is 1600g
Water Supply:4 modes.Inner water bucket
of 2.7L,or placing purified water tank
of 18.9L on the top of machine.
In addition,it also can be added the
pipe for connecting with water supply
of building,or under pumping.
Simple to operate:button as directed
Power Supply:AC~220V 50/60HZ
Heating:820W  Cooling:150W
Features and Functions
Fashionable design and easy operation
Adopting the latest sience and
technology and with European style.
Micro control made use easy.
The display of LED mode helps to know
 the situation of the machine
and use it conveniently.
Adjusting the taste freely
You can adjust the taste
freely according to your flavor.
The choices of automated cup system
and using your own cups
You can choose to use standard
paper cups or your own cups,
which is convenience and
environ mental protection.
The capacity of double paper
cups holders is 160 cups.
Supplying hot and cold drinks at the same time
Adopting the advanced semiconductor
cooling technology (or R134A compressor)
and rapid heating technology,and can
supply at most 3 cold and 3 hot
drinks and drinking water.
It can be used all the year round.
Sales calculation/Setting the unit price
The system of micro control
can set each drink's unit price
separately,and calculate each
sales quantity automatically.
The system of recognizer of
many countries'currency
This machine is adopted the recognizer
of special coin or more
sensitive recognizer depending on
the customers' demand.
This system could recognise
the coins of different sizes
and also can adopted the
recognizer of notes which
satisfied the markets demand
in different countries or districts.
The design makes the cleaning easier
because it is easy to dismantle
The mixers and the connecting pipe of fan are
 easy to dismantle and clean. Large capacity
You can use the raw material buckets
of different sizes whose the max
capacity is 2800g to avoid the bother
of feeding material frequently.
A variety of water supply
Inner water bucket of 2.7L, and
placing purified water tank
of 18.9L on top of machine.Otherwise,
it also can connected
with water supply of building
or under pumping.
Digital temperature control
You can adjust the temperature of
hot water from 68 degree to 98 degree
and cold water from 4 degree to 15 degree 
following the seasons changed.
Patent Design
This product have awarded a dozen
advanced national patents and solves
the problem of other machines thoroughly,
makes operation more convenient,
more reliable.So that the bubble-rich
coffee drinks taste better.
1)The 3 kinds of raw material can be dispensed to cold
and hot drinks according to your requirements
.2)The raw material can be changed to use
liquid material,or a combination of
  powder material and liquid material according to
the customer's request. (requires special customized)
3)There are 6 buttons on the front of machine,
the 3 big buttons for the cold drinks
  and the 3 small buttons for hot drinks.
And the big button on the lower right corner
  is designed for drinking water.
4)The machine also can be designed to dispense
2 cold and 1 hot drinks,or 1 cold and 2 hot drinks.
5)The explanation of model No. is as follows:
6)The output of machine:hot drink:100 cups
(continuous,above 85 degree)
  cold drink:20 cups
(continuous,under 15 degree)
7)Test Standards: ambient temperature:
25 degree; 6.5-ounce cups; 100ML/cup;
Delivery time: 4-5 working days
after payment of your order.
Payment term: TT% in advance

$648.00 inc. tax

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